Total Medical Supply



We understand that each of our patients is a unique individual with specific personal requirements.  Total Medical Supply offers one of the industry’s most complete assortments of catheters and catheter supplies.


A doctor may recommend a catheter if you:

  • can’t control when you urinate

  • have urinary incontinence

  • have urinary retention


The reasons why you may not be able to urinate on your own can include:

  • blocked urine flow due to bladder or kidney stones, blood clots in the urine, or severe enlargement of the prostate gland

  • surgery on your prostate gland

  • surgery in the genital area, such as a hip fracture repair or hysterectomy

  • injury to the nerves of the bladder

  • spinal cord injury

  • a condition that impairs your mental function, such as dementia

  • medications that impair the ability of your bladder muscles to squeeze, which causes urine to remain stuck in your bladder

  • spina bifida