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Freestyle Libre

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The Freestyle Libre

Flash Glucose Monitoring System

5 pricks per day = 35 pricks per week = 1,820 pricks per year

Tired of pricks?

Need to monitor your glucose but tired of sticking your finger multiple times per day? The new Freestyle Libre by Abbott could be the perfect glucose monitor for you. 

The Freestyle Libre continuously monitors glucose levels using a small, water-resistant sensor applied directly to the back of your upper arm. This continuous glucose monitor doesn't require calibration or coding, and it doesn't interfere with medication containing acetaminophen.


Why a CGM? The continuous nature of this monitor allows you to track trends and patterns in your glucose levels. Each scan provides a current glucose reading, a trend arrow, and an 8-hour history.

TMS truly cares! In our staff’s over 500 years combined experience supplying hundreds of thousands of patients with their diabetes testing supplies, our opinion is that the Freestyle Libre is the most amazing product on the market. For this reason, the Freestyle Libre is currently the only CGM we carry.

We would love the opportunity to discuss it’s many benefits and to see if your insurance will cover these supplies. Our helpful staff is waiting for your call at 877-670-1120!

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