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We Take The Stress Off Of You & Your Team

You work to provide your patients with the best care, but dealing with medical supply providers can be difficult, adding unnecessary stress to your already stressful job. 

At TMS, we can help take that stress off you and your office and get your patients the supplies they need.

The Most Convenient Glucose Monitor Ever

Glucose monitoring has always been a hassle. Along with having to deal with damaged or expired test trips, your patient has to prick their finger a few times a day for the right amount of blood to test — assuming that they’ve even gotten over their fear of needles.

But with a FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitor (CGM), your patients don’t have to worry about any of that. When they place the small sensor on the back of their arm, they can scan it with their easy-to-use reader for real-time glucose levels 24/7.

A Devoted Team That’s Committed To Caring For Your Patients

Although there are numerous medical supply providers out there, our services and methods set us apart. 

At Total Medical Supply, we have no automated services. When you call our office, a real person will answer the phone every time.

We also offer fast shipping straight to your patient’s door. Other companies may take weeks to ship, but we can ship orders the same day they are received, provided we have everything required for the order to qualify.

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