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We specialize in continuous glucose monitors and supplies, diabetic testing supplies, urological and catheter supplies, incontinence supplies, thickeners, nutritional supplements, and breast pumps.

Medicare is now covering Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems!

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We work with your provider to handle your paperwork.


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Manage your diabetes with ease!

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) tracks your glucose levels 24/7 and lets you scan an easy-to-apply sensor on the back of your arm for real-time levels.

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Scan your glucose levels in real time 24/7.

Diabetes Management Supplies

Let us help you manage your diabetes on your way to better health.

Urological & Catheter Supplies

Let us help you manage your urological needs on your way to better health.


Find products that help you live without fear of leaks.


Let us provide you with the right thickener for easy swallowing of your food or drink.

Breast Pumps

Remove breast milk with ease to build and store your milk supply.

Oral Nutrition Supplements

Get the nutrition that you need to supplement your oral diet.

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Do you have Traditional Medicare coverage? See if you qualify for a continuous glucose monitoring system.

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