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Diabetic Medical Supplies Shipped to Your Home

Total Medical Supply works with your healthcare provider to get you continuous glucose monitors and supplies, diabetic testing supplies, urological and catheter supplies, incontinence supplies, thickeners, nutritional supplements, and breast pumps you need to feel your best.

Your Premier Medical Supply Provider

We take the headache out of getting the tools you need.

Is dealing with your insurance frustrating?

Living with diabetes or another medical condition can be hard. And sometimes, dealing with your insurance company can add an extra layer of frustration – forcing you to jump through hoops, experience delays, and advocate to get the essentials you need to live your life.

Is dealing with your insurance frustrating?
Total Medical Supplies can help

Total Medical Supply can help

At TMS, we understand the challenges of living with medical conditions like diabetes. With a decade of experience helping people get the continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and other medical supplies they need, you can trust us to do the hard work for you so you can focus on getting back to the life you love.

Getting your supplies is easy


Get a Prescription. Explain your symptoms to your doctor and advocate for a CGM or other supplies you think will help you most.


Make your selection. Choose the devices you need from our website.


We’ll take it from there. After you’ve submitted your form, we’ll confirm your information, work with your healthcare provider to handle the paperwork, and ship your supplies right to your home. It’s as easy as that!
Getting your supplies is easy

Medicare now covers continuous glucose monitors.

Managing your diabetes has never been easier

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) tracks your glucose levels 24/7 and lets you scan an easy-to-apply sensor on the back of your arm for real-time readings of your blood glucose levels.

  • No more finger pricks.
  • No more anxiety about needles.
  • Just your glucose levels tracked in real time and scanned in seconds for your ultimate peace of mind.
FreeStyle Libre 3 systems
Dexcom G7 system

At TMS, we care about you and your health

99% of our patients are satisfied.
Here's why they love us:

Ray Timmons
"T.M.S. is consistent in contacting me prior to shipping my orders to confirm necessary details. They are ALWAYS courteous & polite."
Louise Welsh
"Wonderful on-time delivery 👌. Appreciate the professional way phone personnel make their inquiries."
Barb Sauser

"Always very helpful and professional."

Mary Scism

"Thank you, Total Medical Supply, for your promptness in sending my supplies!"

Download our helpful e-book

Not sure which CGM is right for you? Download our helpful e-book.

This free e-book covers the different types of CGMs available and helps you decide which is best for your needs.