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Urological and Catheter Supplies

Urological and Catheter Supplies

Quality supplies for your best urological health

The right urological and catheter supplies can help you manage urinary retention and other urinary conditions with safety and ease. Get high-quality supplies that include:

  • Catheters (internal and external)
  • Drainage bags
  • Tubing
  • Cure Catheters: Choose Cure Catheters for a superior user experience. Cure Catheters always feature polished eyelets and are not made with DEHP/DINP, BPA, or natural rubber latex.
  • Bard Medical Products: These include Foley catheters, drainage bags, and top-selling brands like Bardex.
  • Coloplast: Coloplast offers a wide range of bladder and bowl products, including male and female catheters, that make managing your symptoms easy and convenient.
Catheter Supplies

Cure Catheters

Cure Catheters

Baird Medical Products

BARD Medical Products

Coloplast Products

Coloplast Catheters

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