Continuous Glucose Monitors

Testing your blood sugar has never been easier!

Glucose monitoring has always been a hassle. Along with having to deal with damaged or expired test strips, you have to prick your finger a few times a day for the right amount of blood to test — assuming that you’ve even gotten over your fear of needles.

But with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), you don’t have to worry about any of that. When you place the small sensor on the back of your arm, you can scan it with your easy-to-use reader for real-time glucose levels 24/7.

We carry both Dexcom and FreeStyle CGMs!

FreeStyle Libre 2 reader and sensor
FreeStyle Libre 2 system
Dexcom G6 system

Medicare is now covering CGM Systems!

We serve patients with various insurance providers throughout the United States!

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